The new commercial paradigm is forcing all companies to become customer-focused, which obviously makes it more important than ever to have good information systems so as to:


• know, first and foremost, who your customers are, who are NOT your customers, and why
• find your market niche and know it inside and out
• segment your own niche to offer each customer what they need
• find out customers thoughts, desires and feelings about you, your products, your service and what your competitors offer
• build customer loyalty by offering a better, efficient and tailored service in which you listen to what customers want (the service associated with a product is at least as important as the product itself)
• understand your customers in order to know what they value and constantly design the new products they need
• discover unserved market niches
• etc.

Providing companies with these information systems is the task of market engineers.


In a world of ever faster change and growing complexity, companies primarily need good market information so they can take advantage of opportunities and know how to react.


In any business context our mission consists of:

• listening to and understanding our clients to find out their doubts and needs
• helping each company pinpoint the information it needs right now to define and implement the best development strategy
• imagining the best way (quickest, least costly, safest, etc.) of getting hold of that information
• asking the right questions in your market to effectively reveal its secrets
• processing and analysing the data gathered
• separating the essential from the anecdotal
• summarising and illustrating the specific situation researched: getting the market to "talk"
• communicating the results clearly, concisely and in a way that has an impact
• advising clients on the decisions to be taken
• working with clients on carrying out action.

Our experience with many clients has shown us the extent to which it is possible to take advantage of complexity and market changes so as to go with the flow and make use of the current's strength.